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          简介 - 布拉德利搬运工


          在这5年里,我花了weydon,我觉得一个社区,一个系统的永不分离的一部分。我打赌这是很难维持的个人主义意识在学术环境,但在weydon教师总是花时间来证明我的激情和我的目标很感兴趣,并没有这种支持,我想我的避险押注我不会” T为做我今天在做什么。 
          After Weydon I went to college and then onto study for an MA in Film & TV Production at Bristol University. Following that, I was fortunate to meet the right people and get a running job on Kevin Macdonald's LIFE IN A DAY which led to work on THE IRON LADY, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and RUSH in the Production Department. More recently I worked as Tracey Seaward & Stephen Frears' assistant on the Academy Award Nominated PHILOMENA (2013), THE PROGRAM (2015) and FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS (2016). I am now a Freelance Writer/Director and am in development with my first feature film: //www.bradley-porter.com

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