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          我只想让你知道有多高兴哈利与他的三重科学的结果。我也想感谢你和参与教他,并帮助他达到他的全部潜力的全体工作人员。他所有的辛勤工作和你的真心付出过! 博伊德夫人

          我想祝贺惊人的生产莱miserables.i学校通过整个生产从而彻底超越了我的期望是真正着迷。有很多时候,我完全忘记了我在我女儿的学校和专业水平的生产完全被吸收。 画家先生

          May we take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful activities week? Our children, in years 7 and 9 have had an amazing time, from chocolate making, trips to London, TV quiz themed day, a fun and energetic sports day & of course a memorable trip to the battlefields in France. Myself and Ian really support a variety of learning environments & for our children to not only learn in the classroom, but to have as many opportunities as they can. This week Weydon has gone above and beyond that and you should be very proud. Mrs Dyson Thomas & Mr Thomas

          非常感谢你对你和你的同事给了彼得这样的历史之旅一个了不起的经验。他已经回家了嗡嗡的一切,他已经做了他热衷于与我们再次回到柏林作为一个家庭。最好的祝愿。 弗兰burland

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